How we will work together.

Process matters.

Before jumping into a new and exciting project, we first need to determine and make sense of business requirements, user needs, diverse strategies, messaging, available technologies, and everything else to set ourselves up for success.

I like to be transparent and keep things simple, so I've mapped out 12 key steps below for your visibility and our alignment.


I get to know you and learn as much as possible about your users.


Discovery call

During our initial (free) consultation, we’ll establish your current and future objectives and ascertain how you can most effectively meet these via an online presence. We then outline scope of work, timeline, and budget, and walk you through what next steps will look like.


Scope of work

After our discovery call, I will put together a scope of work outline, timeline, and budget proposal. We can iterate through this and make changes where appropriate to ensure both parties are aware of accountabilities and deliverables.


Review & approve contract

Once the scope of work is approved, I will provide you with a master service agreement (MSA) for us to review and sign.


We align ourselves on customer journeys, copy, imagery, and overall purpose.


Onboarding & kick-off call

Once the boring but necessary stuff is over, we'll organise a kick-off call to chat through your current branding & assets, your inspirations, likes & dislikes, and site goals. We will also explore reference and competitors' sites to build a robust view of your industry and specific tastes.


Customer journey

All too often the end user is forgotten until too late in a project; in this stage I will help you plan your new sitemap and construct the customer journey and flow through your website. This includes identifying major visitor types and how to guide them through the content we're showcasing in a way that's intuitive, and directs your visitors to the information they need. If you have existing data or analytics, I will analyse and utilise these metrics to help optimise your Information Architecture.


Creative content: copy / imagery / video / animations

It's well understood that people connect with stories. In order to create meaningful design, we need to understand the content we are working with and leverage this to create an authentic story. This is where the combination of copy & messaging, imagery, video, and animations is vital. We will assess what is currently available, what is missing, and how we can bridge any gaps.

Design / Build

Everything comes together to manifest the vision.


Wireframes & UX Design

Once the pre-build strategy process is complete, I will create wireframes for your review & approval. Post this confirmation, I will piece together a medium-fidelity prototype, typically a first draft of your homepage, allowing us to hone in on our aesthetic before moving into the next phase.


Page by page review, revise, approve

I typically design each page out in a tool called Figma and then run you through 2-3 revision rounds. While each page is being designed I will simultaneously be working on interaction planning, dynamic website elements, iconography, and more. Once all design assets have been completed and approved we'll be ready for development.


Webflow development

Once you are happy with your high-fidelity designs, we will work with you page by page to develop your custom pages and integrations. You'll be able to watch every-step of the way via a live preview link of our work, with update messages sent every couple of days for you to track progress in real-time.


On-page SEO (the techy stuff)

I ensure the necessary on-page SEO attributes are built into your project, including meta-tags, XML sitemaps, OpenGraphs, Robots.txt, 301 Redirects, BEM class naming & style, and all of the other associated boxes to be ticked.

Handoff / Launch

I ensure you are comfortably set up to manage your site going forward.


Webflow Training

I am passionate about empowering my clients to make updates on your end without needing to involve a costly web developer, allowing you to remain agile and make rapid changes without fear of breaking your site. As such, during the handoff process, I will take you through a brief training session on how this can be done in Webflow. In addition, one of the many benefits of the platform is its accessible educational content. The short YouTube video linked below demonstrates how easy it is to make these changes.

Client's Guide: Introduction


Handoff and launch

Before launching your website we will do a final run-through, and I will then set you up with everything you need, from hosting to gaining editing access. Should you wish to migrate the website to another platform of your choice, I will export the code and ensure that transition is seamless too.

Congratulations - you are now live! 

Discovery Call

Have a new project in mind? Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call and I will at the very least give you some great advice.

Questions? Check out the FAQs.

Questions? Check out the FAQs

Let's work together.

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