Transparency is super important.


What size budgets do you typically work with?

I like to be as transparent as possible, and am a firm believer that you generally get what you pay for. I typically work with clients within the following project brackets (USD):

$3k - $5k
$5k - $10k
$10k - $15k
$15k +

How do I figure out how much a new website will cost?

Generally, sites fall into three broad categories: small business, corporate, and eCommerce, usually increasing in price point in that order. That being said, the most effective way for me to understand the deliverables of your new web project and how much you should spend is for you to fill out and submit the client project form.

Factors that generally influence the cost of a website are as follows:

1. Number of unique pages: this is where a sitemap comes in handy to establish our overall information architecture and structure.

2. Whether you need a logo & brand identity, or if I’ll be working with your current brand assets.

3. If you already have the designs for your site completed (in Figma, Sketch, etc) and now need the design developed out in Webflow, or if we are starting from scratch.

4. Anything within your build that may require extra development time - e.g. Pricing Calculator, API Integrations, Search).

Once you submit the form, I will then take in all of this information and create a scope of work proposal for us to review. Once you’re ready, we can review the SoW Proposal together over a follow-up call.

What are the payment terms for a typical project?

For a new website, redesign, migration or development:
50% before I start, and 50% when you’re 100% thrilled and ready for hand-off & launch.

For additional scope of work add-ons during a project or updates down the line:
100% paid upfront. This ensures we keep things streamlined during a project.

What about cheap and cheerful?

Yep, there is always someone who will go cheaper. A cheap website is cheap for a reason, as its price tag is an indication of the time, effort, and resources put into development. From my experience, the cheaper a website, the less effective it is at converting visitors into engaged, paying customers. More often than not, a cheap website makes your business look cheap.


How do we get started?

1. Schedule a Discovery call here or fill out the contact form below.

2. After our call, I'll create a scope of work document for you to review, revise and approve.

3. Once the scope of work is approved, I will send out a contract for you to review & e-sign.

4. Once the contract is reviewed & approved, I'll send out an initial 50% invoice due to begin work.

5. Upon completion of the invoice, I'll set-up communication channels and schedule our kick-off call.

Can you provide training on how to update and edit our new website?

Yes! Every new project comes with a customwalking you through your site and showing you how to use the Webflow CMS (Editor). also offer block hours for purchase which can be used for development and consultation (including training).

How long do projects usually take?

This will heavily depend on the scope of work, however most design & development projects take between 1-3 months.

How does maintenance work? Do you do retainers?

Although maintaining content, copy, and assets through the Webflow CMS (Editor) is very straightforward for clients to manage in-house, some clients will need additional development & Webflow build support. We allow clients to purchase a pre-paid block of hours with us upfront to use as they see fit over a 12 month period.

These hours are to be used on any development, consultation, or Webflow related need. Our development support blocks do not include any design (figma, XD, Sketch) services. Design is typically handled on a flat-rate basis only as apart of our end-to-end design & development projects.


Do you handle logo and brand identity?

Not directly, however I have worked on dozens of projects with my creative partner at ekdesigns.io over the past five years, and can arrange for logo and brand identity to be handled in tandem with website development to create an aligned and robust online presence.

Can I update my website any time I want?

Totally! Unlike some companies, I prefer to empower the client as much as possible to make changes when and how they feel like it. Using Webflow's Client Editor makes this as simple as updating a Word document. Easy as!

What if I’m unsure about a design or strategy?

If you aren’t sure about the design or the strategy we are implementing, then let me know. I'm always here to talk through why something was designed a particular way, or why your strategy is the way it is. We want you to feel confident and excited about your project. If something doesn’t feel right about it, then we’ll work together to find a solution that works.

We want to keep our logo and most branding assets the same, but we need to improve our brand and modernise it for the website - can you help?

Absolutely. I'm comfortable working within certain brand guidelines and utilising your current logo & brand identity and am happy to give recommendations for improvements without completely redesigning your brand.

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Questions? Check out the FAQs.

Questions? Check out the FAQs

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